What is a linguistic interview? Mundus Verborum

What is a linguistic interview?

Does your company need to hire staff who speak a particular language, but you cannot test their linguistic skills? If so, Mundus Verborum can help your HR department pick the right candidate.

After discussing with you what their job will entail, we’ll design an interview in their native language and ask them everything you wanted to know but were unsure of how to ask.

The candidates will be put through a language test devised to your specifications. After the interview, you will receive a report on their linguistic skills and can decide whether they are appropriate for the position.

This type of interview can be particularly helpful if you need to know whether your staff will be able to read manuals, understand procedures, Health & Safety regulations, etc. If the report shows their linguistic skills fall short of the required standard, you can decide whether you’d prefer to provide them with some language training or search for more suitable staff.

Alternatively, you can use the linguistic interview to assess whether, for example, your candidate for a French-speaking sales position can actually speak French, or if they have simply memorised a phrasebook. Recruitment can be a minefield – but at Mundus Verborum we can arm you with the knowledge you need to avoid making an expensive mistake.

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Mundus Verborum can help you ask the right questions in the right language so you can hire with confidence.