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What is typesetting?

Typesetting is the process of ensuring that the words, charts, photos and logos in your document will be ready for printing. In other words, typesetting consists of:

  • Formatting graphs, images, photos, logos and the overall content
  • Choosing specific typefaces and specifying font sizes, kerning (the space between characters) and text direction
  • Using all necessary typographical punctuation marks as well as accents
  • Applying bold, italics, underlines and any other character formatting
  • Arranging text in columns, checking line and page breaks as well as spacing
  • Formatting typographical visual signposts such as headlines, decks and pull-quotes

If, for example, you have a catalogue with descriptions of your products along with specifications, price lists, photos, etc., you will need to get it typeset to recreate the same layout in a foreign language. After all, customers in some other countries may read your content from right to left, or from bottom to top.

Our typesetting service couldn’t be easier – simply send us your artwork files and we’ll use them to create your material. Don’t have any artwork? Not a problem. We can produce a unique design just for you.

In many ways, typesetting fulfils the same function as a film soundtrack. Some people might say the music is a secondary consideration, and that the characters and dialogue are more important. However, the soundtrack plays a crucial role: it can subtly enhance the scene with mood and style or, done badly, ruin it completely. In the same way, skilful typesetting can change the look and feel of your text to make it more appealing.

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