Addidas - Colombia spelling mistake

Adidas misspells Colombia

Adidas criticised by fans after misspelling Colombia in ad campaign for national team.

How do you pronounce scone and snails?

Despite the UK being a small country (compared to say Brazil, China, India, US amongst others), there are accents and dialects aplenty.
Dumbing down Shakespeare

Should Shakespeare be simplified?

Should Shakespearean texts should be simplified (or “dumbed down” as more traditionalists put it)?
Translating Harry Porter

Would you like to translate Harry Potter?

Would you be good at making up words such as Acromantula, Butterbeer, Crumple-Horned Snorkacks, Hogwarts lest all the spells in Latin?
Literary Translator

What makes a good literary translator?

Have you always planned to become a literary translator?

More than vs over

Sometimes the work of a translator can flow relatively easy, but other times a considerable amount of time is spent on deciding which term is best in a sentence.